We’re all Recovering From Something.
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What is alteredSTATE™ Recovery Coaching?

We’re all recovering from something, whether a failed relationship or marriage, bankruptcy, or addiction. These pasts get you “stuck” if you don’t properly heal. Evolution and recovery is about incremental change, day by day. At alteredSTATE, our recovery coaching goals are to grow the recovery category, expand the conversation, and make recovery more than just putting down the bottle.

Recovery Coaching Programs

Our personal development and recovery coaching programs break everything down into small steps – with tools, resources, lessons, activities, and direct 1:1 coaching that help you build frameworks that get you where you want to go.

Recovery 90™

Right now, you have within you everything you need to deal with whatever life can throw at you. You just need to dig it out. Recovery 90TM comes with everything you’ll need to set goals, smash through them, and do it again in just 90 days.

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Recovery 180™

Think big, trust yourself, and make it happen with the Recovery 180TM program. Six months includes all our program benefits with extra perks like a nutritionist consultation and monthly Masterclasses with industry experts. Plus, you’ll look great in some alteredSTATE gear.

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Recovery 365™

The harder you work for something, the better you’ll feel when you achieve it. Our Recovery 365TM program is a full year of support with additional nutritionist consultations, a custom-tailored meal program, and a more comprehensive exercise program.

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Individual Recovery Coaching

At some point, everyone gets overwhelmed and struggles with handling difficult emotions. Sometimes we need guidance, training, and assistance to break through the hurdles of life. That’s where individual recovery coaching comes in.

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What we treat

There’s no limit to the obstacles that can arise in life, and there’s no limit to the issues we treat. Going through life’s challenges takes balance, training and help from others. Here are the most common issues that we treat.

  • Drug Addiction

    There’s a huge gap between individuals struggling with addiction and receiving the proper services and tools necessary to achieving and maintaining lasting recovery. At alteredSTATE, we’re here to bridge that gap.

  • Alcoholism

    Recovery Coaching for alcoholism can be a detrimental factor to bridging the gap from addiction treatment to long-term recovery.

  • Process Addictions

    Individuals who struggle with process addictions often partake in behaviors despite negative consequences that take a toll on an individual’s emotional, interpersonal, or physical well-being.

  • Mental Health

    The individualized programs at alteredSTATE are designed to help individuals suffering from mental health issues create sustainable change in their lives and live beyond the barriers of their mental health issues.

  • Dual Diagnosis

    Recovery coaching programs for Dual Diagnosis can help sustain long-term recovery and be a deterring factor in preventing relapse.

You’re In Good Hands

Addiction, depression, stress, lack of motivation and interpersonal relationship issues can affect practically every aspect of our lives. Successfully shifting a mindset of limiting beliefs to one of abundance is challenging, and nobody can do it without guidance. By prioritizing your needs, yourself, and reaching out for help, you can begin to live a purpose driven life filled with confidence and passion.

When are you going to make “someday” become “today?”


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My life is exponentially better

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I knew I had to make a change in my life but didn’t know who could “jump start” me. If you want someone with high energy and accountable to improving your life, Tony and his team are it. I tell my co-workers that this was money that I never saw myself spending (I never really invested in myself), but would do all over again if I could.

As a result of my investment, I have been able to grow an already great marriage, and have started a second business. The alteredSTATE Blueprint gave me a daily target to focus on. No more great ideas on one Day 1, only to see them disappear by Day 5. This program kept me on track for the entire 120 days. My life is exponentially better as a result of the program.

Ruben Chavez, ESQ
Miami, Florida

It was worth every penny

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My career has taken off since I invested in the alteredSTATE mentorship program. I was lost, unreliable, and very negative on March 13, 2020. After the initial call with Tony, I knew that I made the right investment. He listened to every word I communicated, and came up with a tailor made plan within 7 days.

Tony’s experience mentoring individuals in the professional sector can’t be questioned. He is direct in his approach, which for me, was exactly what I needed. I wake up everyday with a positive mindset which I had not been able to untap for 3+ years. I have since been promoted at work, and have invested more time with my family. I owe where I am today to the simple and accountable plan that Tony and his team put together. It was worth every penny.

Juan Algarin
Miami, Florida

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