About Tony

For over 20 years, Tony has led high-performing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations in identifying the unmet needs of patients living with rare diseases. He has always approached his professional career with a mentality anchored to innovation, transformation, and people.

Healing Takes Courage

One of the hardest things you can do is to gain the courage to ask for help. At alteredSTATE, we believe that we’re all recovering from something, because we’ve been there. Creating sufficient and long-term lifestyle changes means more than just putting down the bottle, the drug, or that negative pattern. It means healing interpersonal relationships & behavior. Creating attainable action steps to reach realistic goals is what works. Tony has lived it, and he’s here to guide you with a program that works – helping you create a life of possibilities.

A Recovery Coach with Experience

Tony graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science from Florida State University, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Miami, and a Masters in Healthcare Leadership (MHL) from Brown University. After selling his cut flower B2B platform in 2000, Tony’s career in healthcare started in Brooklyn, NY. He gained experience selling in the highly competitive New York market and successfully launched 25 drug therapies in his career.

Paying it Forward

He has now built alteredSTATE, a recovery coaching platform whose aim is to help working professionals and executives become the best version of themselves by shedding their old mentality and embracing one anchored to four pillars that include: Positive Mindset, GRIT, Self-Care, and Movement.

People Matter

Over the next 18 years, Tony’s career and responsibilities grew at an alarming rate. Because of his passion for people, he was tasked with leading large Commercial Sales, Sales Training, and Leadership Development teams for Pfizer, Baxter, Medtronic, Shire, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Tony’s passion has always lied with coaching individuals on how to leverage their strengths to drive high performance in both their personal and professional life. He has transformed the lives of many working professionals and executives with his unique 1:1 approach toward mentorship and coaching.

Are you ready for an alteredSTATE?

It used to be that getting to an “altered state” meant that I was either drunk or high. Now that I’m sober, my alteredSTATE is about living a life I never imagined. What’s your alteredSTATE?

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