GRIT is the fuel needed to keep going when you want to stop. It’s all about perseverance and passion for your long-term objectives and a “never give in” attitude. No matter what challenge, obstacle, or addiction you may be recovering from – in this moment your survival rate is 100%. You have endured trials and obstacles, yet you are still here. What determines who continues to roll with the punches thrown by life? Establishing resilience in your recovery is how you will fulfill your purpose for a lifetime. Resilience is an innate capability that each individual has which allows them to persevere despite the obvious and painful setbacks. Tony will work with you one-on-one to bring out the resilient character that already exists within you. Now that you are venturing into recovery, your resilience will be the catalyst for growth.

Building Resilience and Creating GRIT

The more resilient you are, the more gracefully you will tackle everyday challenges that arise. Accepting life on life’s terms is one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. Life is hard, it can get messy, and adversity is a part of the process. Tony will help you tap into and capitalize on your GRIT so when adversity or stress arises, you will bounce back seemingly unscathed. Here are some tips to help build your resilience.

Strength is found in numbers

Establishing a support system, even if it’s with your recovery coach, will help you overcome challenges and encourage you to tap into your resilience. As you walk through obstacles with your recovery coach and support system, you will quickly learn that you can accomplish anything.

Learning from your past and moving forward in strength

Experience is the best teacher. Identifying how you coped with painful situations in the path will provide you with a ton of insight. Tony will help you strategize on how you can tackle existing or future issues by focusing on your strengths.


With the help of your recovery coach, you will be allotted time to tend to your own needs. Tony will work with you on finding inner peace and serenity through meditative practices to help you maintain balance during even the darkest of times while building your resilience.


If you have landed on this site, then you know that you can no longer close your eyes and wish all of your problems away. Avoidance is not key. Tony will work with you to establish a plan of action in order to tap into your inner GRIT and tackle each obstacle one day at a time. Actively working through these obstacles while pursuing your goals and tending to your needs are vital components of working with your recovery coach.

There is a major difference between resiliency and utter avoidance through detachment. Avoiding your obstacles or downplaying them will not solve them. Working with a recovery coach, committing to putting in the time to take care of yourself and tackle the obstacle head on is the only way to move forward. Tony will help you build your GRIT so that you can weather the proverbial storms as you walk, with your head held high, in recovery.

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