Recovery 90™

What is this program about?

Recovery 90™

We believe there is a reset button in life. You can’t go backwards and ask for a do-over, but you can learn from your mistakes and forge a better future for yourself. In fact, you can use those lessons and experiences to help pave the way for who you want to become. A better YOU. A stronger YOU. That’s the alteredSTATE™ promise.

Transforming Your Mindset

Our 90-day program is packed with 1:1 coaching, daily lessons, workbooks, movement routines, and motivational emails to transform your mindset from “I can’t” to “I will.”

If you’re already here, you’re stronger than you think. It’s time to take your life back.

Benefits of Recovery 90™

At alteredSTATE, our Recovery 90TM plan includes:

  • 90 days of support (text, email, calls)
  • The alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT™: 5 daily lessons every week
  • The alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT™ workbook to coordinate with lessons
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls – The best in the category
  • A simple Movement program
  • Motivational emails, 3x a week
  • And much more…

The Results

What we’ve seen from many of our clients who complete one of our programs:

Let’s Get Moving. Together.

It used to be that getting to an “altered state” meant that I was either drunk or high. Now that I’m sober, my alteredSTATE is about living a life I never imagined. What’s your alteredSTATE?

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