What We Treat

What We Treat

There’s no limit to the obstacles that arise in life, and there’s no limit to the issues that we treat. Going through life’s challenges takes balance, training, and help from others. From executives to interpersonal relationships to drug addiction and dual diagnosis, here are the most common issues that we treat.

Drug Addiction

There’s a huge gap between individuals struggling with addiction and receiving the proper services and tools necessary to achieving and maintaining lasting recovery. At alteredSTATE, we’re here to bridge that gap.

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Recovery Coaching for alcoholism should be followed by detox or treatment, but can be a detrimental factor to contributing to long-term recovery.

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Process Addictions

Individuals who struggle with process addictions often partake in behaviors despite negative consequences that take a toll on an individual’s emotional, interpersonal, or physical well-being.

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Mental Health

The individualized programs at alteredSTATE are designed to help individuals suffering from mental health issues create sustainable change in their lives and live beyond the barriers of their mental health issues.

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Dual Diagnosis

Following dual diagnosis treatment, recovery coaching and coaching programs can help sustain long-term recovery and be a deterring factor in preventing relapse.

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Interpersonal Relationships

Mastering the art of cultivating and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships will open endless opportunities not only for your personal but your professional life as well.

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Start Creating Change

It used to be that getting to an “altered state” meant that I was either drunk or high. Now that I’m sober, my alteredSTATE is about living a life I never imagined. What’s your alteredSTATE?

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