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Coaching for Behavioral Health

At alteredSTATE, we stay focused on the elements that keep us living our best lives. We do not walk alone, we embrace the walk with our clients. We consider that everyone, including us, is recovering from something in their lives. Through Behavioral Health Coaching, we work with individuals who want to change behavioral patterns that are no longer serving them. 

How Coaching for Behavioral Health Works

alteredSTATE specializes in an evidenced-based and multidisciplinary approach to address the entire person, not just the symptoms. 

The types of patterns we change through our coaching include:

  • Procrastinating and self-sabotaging behaviors in the workplace
  • Constant overwhelm with daily stressors
  • Anxiety and intrusive thoughts that interfere with your daily life
  • Loss of motivation and positive outlook for the future

You can recover from each of these patterns and start leading the life you never imagined.

How alteredSTATE Can Help You

We know that trying to make major life overhauls alone is not ideal and often is not successful. You need a team to make change. At alteredSTATE, we become your support system and your team of motivators and do not stop helping you reach your goals. We put blood, sweat, and tears into making the impossible possible. You have the power to take back your life, and our programs can help you do just that.

Tony helps working professionals and executives become the best version of themselves by shedding their old mentality and embracing one anchored to Positive Mindset, GRIT, and Movement. Our alteredSTATE recovery coaching platform was created on the premise of believing in no excuses. Everyone has a hectic schedule, whether you’re an executive or a parent of five – or both! We have a plan that works with you and your goals.

Coaching Programs

Everybody has different needs and wants. That is why at alteredSTATE, we focus on providing several various coaching programs that can meet you where you are at and take you to where you want to be. Nothing can or will hold you back if you follow through with your decision to take back your life for good. And, we will be there with you the whole way.

Recovery 90

For 90 days straight, we will work to encourage, motivate, and help you heal from the issues that you have been facing. Our Recovery 90 program is packed with our  steadfast commitment to take you from your lowest point to a place you may have never dreamed of reaching. With your time, energy, and desire to make this happen, paired with our passion and dedication, we can help you grow by offering the following services:

  • 90 days of support via text, email, and calls
  • 5 daily lessons every week from the alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT
  • The alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT workbook to coordinate with lessons 
  • Motivational emails three times per week 
  • A simple movement program
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching calls

Recovery 180

Meeting the bare minimum or requirements and expectations in your life won’t cut it anymore. You know you deserve better, and now is the time to give yourself the life that you have dreamed of. 

There is nothing that we cannot do if we work together. We will be your biggest cheerleaders as you work your way through the program with us right by your side. We will help you to not only improve your mental health and wellbeing, but also turn it up a notch and get your physical health together with our movement programs and nutritional consultations. We are not solely focused on just one aspect of your recovery, but instead all of them. We will show you how caring for your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health will change your life for the better. 

Recovery 180 offers the following:

  • 180 days of support via text, emails, and calls
  • 5 daily lessons per week from the alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT
  • The alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT workbook to coordinate with daily lessons
  • Twice weekly one-on-one coaching call
  • A comprehensive movement program 
  • Motivational emails three times a week
  • Monthly master class with industry experts 
  • Nutritional consultation 
  • alteredSTATE gear 

Recovery 365

You are better than the person you have been. You have potential and are valuable. Say goodbye to a life of substance abuse and uncertainty and say hello to an opportunity to flourish into who you are truly meant to be. Spending one full year with us will have you looking back and wondering who that person was. Our confidence in you in unwavering and we are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. 

Recovery 365 offers the following:

  • A full year of support text emails and calls
  • 5 daily lessons per week from the alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT
  • The alteredSTATE BLUEPRINT workbook to coordinate with daily lessons
  • Twice weekly one-on-one coaching calls
  • A more comprehensive movement program
  • Motivational emails three times a week
  • Nutritional consultation two times a year
  • Custom tailored meal program
  • Monthly master class with industry experts
  • alteredSTATE gear

Results of Our Behavioral Health Coaching Programs

Participating in any one of our coaching programs will help you change your life if you allow it to. Going from zero to hero is no small feat, but if you are ready to create the life you have always dreamed of, then now is your chance. Our coaching programs paired with our dedication to helping you become the best version of yourself has helped people do things they never thought imaginable.

Are you ready for an alteredSTATE?

Taking care of your behavioral health patterns that are no longer serving you is crucial to your success. Create an alteredSTATE today.

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